29 May: National Dog Friendly Day – Supporting Dog Friendly Businesses

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National Dog Friendly Day is a nationwide event taking place on 29th May, the day has been created to share our love, appreciation and support for dog friendly businesses across the world.

While pubs score high on our list for going out, hotels are pawfect too for a well deserved break. And while we will bark like crazy for any place that welcomes dogs on site, restaurants hold the real treats. This day is an opportunity for us pet owners to get out with our dogs in tow and enjoy some social life and mini getaways.

National Dog Friendly Day

History of National Dog Friendly Day

The nationwide celebration has been organised by Dog Furiendly to honour all of those places that allow dogs on-site, including pubs, cafés, hotels, restaurants, BNBs and attractions.

COVID-19 has had devastating effects on the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry. It reduced trade for restaurants, bars, and other places of entertainment while also putting many people out of work as businesses closed. Now is your chance to support your local dog-friendly businesses and show them how much you appreciate their warm welcome.

For Business Owners

National Dog Friendly Day is the perfect opportunity to promote your own business or services to acquire new customers, while also supporting local dog friendly businesses.

How to take part

  • One of the ways you can get involved on the day, is to organise a local group dog walk, starting from your business and ending up at a local dog friendly place (perhaps a beer garden or cafe with outdoor seating).
  • Team up with a local dog friendly venue to put on a pup quiz physically outdoors or virtually.
  • Create a special discount for dog owners
  • Order in some dog friendly pupcakes or launch a loyalty card to create regular customers.
  • Write a blog promoting other businesses who are also dog friendly in the local area.
  • Engage on social media by using the #nationaldogfriendlyday and tagging @dogfuriendly
  • Tweet your favourite #dogfriendly places 
  • For more ideas download the free Media Kit packed with quizzes, graphics and ready made social media posts.

What are you waiting for? Get your dog-friendly business on board to benefit from this National Dog Friendly Day!

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National Dog Friendly Day

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