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December 14th: Monkey Day – go bananas for monkey day!

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Monkey Day 14th December 2021

Contemporary artists Casey Sorrow and Eric Millikin, during their time as students at Michigan State University, began the tradition of Monkey Day in 2000. Sorrow and Millikin popularised Monkey Day by including it in their artwork which has been displayed all around the world. Now Monkey Day is celebrated in over fifteen countries and even has its own section at Hallmark cards!

Monkey day is a fantastic way to celebrate some of the most fascinating and intelligent creatures alive and to raise awareness of the difficulties they are facing as species. Did you know there are currently 264 known monkey species? It is easy to see why these incredible primates are so fascinating.

How to celebrate Monkey Day

It’s not just monkeys: Monkey Day celebrates all things simian including apes, lemurs, and primates. There are lots of different ways to celebrate monkey day here are a few that we came up with;

  • Donate to charity or organize a fundraiser.
  • Talk and act like a monkey! – this one is great for kids.
  • Raise awareness or provide an educational talk/activity about monkeys.
  • Protect monkey habitats
  • Host a monkey themed party
  • Send monkey-themed greeting cards (or make your own!)
  • Got to the zoo
  • Buy a painting done by a monkey! One of the earliest fundraisers for monkey day featured a silent auction for artwork painted by Jackson and Kimie residents of the Chimps inc sanctuary!
  • Watch monkey films! Either fiction like King Kong or you could watch a nature documentary.

How to use monkey day to promote your business

One of the best ways to celebrate monkey day is by using it as an opportunity to spread awareness about conservation and forest protection. Here are some ideas:

  • Advertising your products or services with a monkey theme – monkey-themed toys. Or including a free banana or bag of peanuts with every purchase.
  • Host a monkey-themed party with proceeds going to your local zoo.
  • Host a ‘Monkeying about’ competition on Instagram; ask your customers for cute ‘cheeky monkey’ photos of their pets. The cheekiest one wins a prize.
  • Create a discussion on social media. ‘Should monkeys be kept as pets?’ , ‘ Are monkeys cute?’, ‘How are you celebrating Monkey Day this year?’
  • Write an informative article/blog on your website about how we can help to protect endangered monkeys and their habitats.
  • Post funny photos of your staff and your own pets in monkey-themed dress-up and verbalize your support for Monkey Day.


Monkey Day is a fantastic way to celebrate some of the most fascinating and intelligent creatures alive. To help raise awareness, there are many different things you can do on Monkey Day including donating to charity or organizing a fundraiser for monkeys in need, talk about how we can protect endangered monkey habitats or hosting your own event with proceeds going towards conservation efforts.

Whether you want to have an educational discussion about primates, host your own party with proceeds going towards protection projects or post funny photos of yourself dressed up as a monkey online; there’s something for everyone! The more people who know these amazing animals exist and take action now will make all the difference. Remember: any day is good enough for celebrating our simian friends but December 14th has been officially designated.

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