June 19: National Garfield the Cat Day – The Cat That Loves Food and Hates Mondays

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National Garfield The Cat Day

It’s National Garfield the Cat Day! It’s a day to celebrate America’s quirkiest and cuddliest cartoon character, Garfield. Jim Davis created the comic strip in 1978, and since then Garfield has been entertaining people with his laziness, obsession with food (especially lasagna), and hatred of Mondays. The story is set in Muncie, Indiana where we follow Jon Arbuckle (Garfield’s owner) and Odie the dog as they try to take care of their new feline friend.

Garfield Arbuckle is a fictional cat from a comic strip. He was created by Jim Davis and named after Jim’s grandfather. Garfield the Cat is one of the world’s most endearing and hilarious cartoon characters. Fans of Garfield are invited to celebrate the anniversary of this legendary lazy cat with a day of festivities.

What is the History of National Garfield the Cat Day?

National Garfield the Cat Day was first celebrated on June 19th, 1998 at a surprise birthday party at the International Museum of Art in Boca Raton. The party commemorated both the 20th anniversary of Garfield’s comic strip and his birthday. Jim Davis created the light-hearted and popular cartoon that follows a fat ginger cat with an appetite for lasagna, coffee, Mondays and dieting.

Garfield launched on June 19, 1978. The popular comic strip chronicled the life of Garfield, an orange cat that lives with Jon Arbuckle and his dog Odie. In 2013 the cartoon became syndicated in newspapers and journals with a readership of around 200 million in over 2,500 publications around the world. It currently holds holds the Guinness World Record for the most widely syndicated strip to date. Garfield

How to celebrate National Garfield the Cat Day

Celebrate National Garfield the Cat Day (June 19th) by sharing your love for lasagna and hatred of Mondays. Beyond that, we also know Garfield is a deep sleeper and favours sunbeams for warmth. People of all ages are fans of his funny antics and we understand his ownerJon’s love for animals. Garfield fans the world over will delight on this day.

  • For Garfield’s birthday, bake some cat biscuits to share with your cat.
  • Play with your cat, which is what Garfield enjoys doing all day long!
  • Read the comic strip and share your favourite scene.
  • You can watch Garfield and Friends. It’s a TV show.
  • Share your Garfield collectibles with someone else.
  • Take a picture with your cat.
  • Buy yourself a Garfield coloring book.
  • Share your favorite comic strip by using #GarfieldTheCatDay on social media.
  • Why not dress up as the cat himself?
  • Try one of the recipes from Garfield’s cookbook – Recipes with Cattitude
  • Hold a competition and have the local kids compete to see who can draw the best comic strip of Garfield.
  • Watch a Garfield movie whilst enjoying a plate of lasagna.
  • Treat yourself to some Garfield the cat pyjamas.

Fun facts about Garfield the Cat

  • How much is Garfield worth? A 1999 study by the Wall Street Journal estimated that Garfield is worth about $16 billion in annual retail sales.
  • If cats could speak, what would Garfield say? He has a big vocabulary but his favorite word is “No.”
  • Did Liz and Jon ever get married? No. The only thing they did together was take care of Garfield, who in turn took care of them.
  • Why does Odie not talk in Garfield? Odie never talks in Garfield because he cannot talk. The animators and the comic strip creator say that dogs can’t speak English, while cats can.
  • Who is Garfield the cat’s girlfriend? He doesn’t have a girlfriend because he’s too busy eating and hating Mondays.
  • What breed of cat is Garfield? He is a domestic shorthair.
  • The book, Garfield at Large , made the NY Times best seller list.
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