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June 21: Take Your Cat to Work Day® – Fun and Benefits of Having Cats in the Office

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Take your cat to work day

Take Your Cat to Work Day® is a nationwide event that encourages people of all occupations to enjoy the companionship of their feline friends. This day, which falls on MondayJune 21st this year, also provides an opportunity for cat owners to share their workspace with their furry friends. If you’re looking for some fun and benefits, take your cat in the office today!

Why should the dogs have all the limelight? For animal lovers that want to bring their cats to work, this day is for you.

Cat-friendly companies and organizations are already having great success by hosting an event or being open to you sharing your desk with your cat on this special day.

This fun #MeowMonday is the perfect start to Take Your Pet To Work Week® and gives you and your cat time to take part in the fun before all of the dogs arrive on Friday.

How to Safely Bring Your Cat To Work

If your cat will be coming into work with you on Monday, be sure to post your pictures with hashtag #takeyourcattoworkday. Here’s a few pointers to help your day go smoothly at the office.

  • Check with your boss for permission. Before your cat can take on a day at the office with you, they must first get approval from the boss.
  • Check for allergy sufferers. Before the big day, make sure to check with your management and co-workers about whether anyone could be allergic, afraid of or opposed to you bringing your cat. While allergies are twofold for cats compared to dogs, they’re still surprisingly common.
  • Consider if your cat is going to like this. Cats are sensitive animals and even slight changes in their environment can sometimes cause stress. But though cats don’t always enjoy going new environments, many have a sense of curiosity that fuels them to explore and meet other people or pets. Before participating in Take Your Cat to Work Day, make sure your cat is comfortable being transported and being a guest at a different location.
  • Make your cat comfortable. To take part in Take Your Cat To Work Day and make it a success, you’ll need your cat carrier, food and water bowl with litter box (or just a new one at work), bed or hiding place. You’ll need to bring toys for your furry friend as well!
  • Keep it optional. Asking co-workers to interact with your cat during their break or on personal time is polite and considerate. Don’t force anyone to interact with your cat. Cat lovers will make themselves known so you don’t have to worry.
  • Make sure to keep your cat close before allowing him or her to explore your workplace for the day. The freer he or she becomes, the more likely they are to either escape or cause a problem. Perhaps keep them on a leash or in your office with the door closed.
  • Use this Take Your Cat To Work Day participation sign to let your coworkers know your cat’s at work and how they should interact with them.
  • Have an exit strategy. Make sure you have a backup plan in place in case your cat shows signs of stress or becoming too much of a nuisance. Take them home, or arrange for your pet sitter to collect them if you can’t leave the office. Leaving pets in cars while you work is never a good idea, so if you don’t have an exit plan, don’t take your cat to work for their own safety.

Other ways to celebrate Take Your Cat To Work Day

Not able to bring your cat? Consider posting a picture of your feline companion in your home office, or maybe some other funny meme like making a video with the funniest cat clips you can think of.

1. Create a personalized cat bed for your feline friend.

2. Dress up your kitty in cute outfits to make them feel special.

3. Make a DIY cat tower so they can climb and scratch their claws without destroying furniture.

4. Give them treats that are specifically designed for cats.

5. Take a selfie with your cat – you’ll be the envy of all your friends!

6. Put up some pictures of you and your pet together at work on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook.

Enjoy your day

The national celebration of Take Your Cat to Work Day® is a great opportunity for cat owners who work in offices or other indoor environments. Some benefits may include increased productivity, decreased stress and improved mental health. For those looking to try this new experience today, we encourage you to grab your furry friend and explore what’s possible! Have any thoughts on how the presence of cats at work might change office culture? Share them with us on social media.

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