June Is National Adopt a Cat Month: Why It’s Important to Help Cats

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Adopt A Cat Month - JUNE

June is National Adopt a Cat Month, and it’s important for pet lovers to adopt cats! In honour of this month, we’re going to discuss why adopting is so important and how you can get involved. Cats are the most popular pets in America. Almost 50% of all households have at least one cat living with them. Thousands of shelters across the country work hard every year to find homes for as many cats as possible during National Adopt-a-Cat Month each June.

Throughout history, people have been drawn to cats because they are cute and provide companionship when their owners go away or come home from school or work. Today, research has shown that there may be some health benefits associated with owning a cat.

Cats have been shown to reduce stress, promote lower blood pressure, and help people with asthma symptoms. Studies show that cats may even provide relief for some allergy sufferers due the dander they produce which reduces dust mites in homes! Cats can also help seniors feel less lonely and may reduce feelings of depression.

Cats can be great teachers for children when it comes to responsibility as well as companionship because they actually want attention in return. They provide stress relief by spending time with their owners and give people something fun and healthy.

Adopt a Cat Month

History of National Adopt a Cat Month

The American Human Association started Adopt a Cat Month in 1974. Though originally known as Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, National Adopt a Cat Month helps us remember our feline friends when considering a new pet. June is the height of kitten season so it’s a great time to adopt.

Shelters are full of cats and kittens waiting for someone to provide them with loving home, just like yours. 3.4 million cats are born in shelters, surrendered to shelters or abandoned every year.

Learn cat-friendly ways to prepare your home for a new fur baby, and the best way to pick out the perfect cat.

Tips for adopting a cat

When adopting a cat, take your time in finding the perfect one. Every feline will have a different and all of them will touch your heart on some level.

You should think about your lifestyle when selecting the type of cat you want to adopt.

Before you adopt a cat, make multiple visits to a shelter and give yourself ample time to get acquainted with potential cats that could be your perfect match.

One of the best ways to determine if you and your cat are a good match is spending lots of time together.

One of the first steps when adopting a new cat is to prepare a room for them. Cats tend to retreat at first, so waiting patiently and providing ample time and space will often lead to living peacefully with your new pet in no time.

How to take part in National Adopt a Cat Day

  • Visit your local cat shelter
  • If you aren’t able to adopt, consider volunteering or making a donation.
  • Shelters usually have a wish list of needed items – so buy one.
  • If you adopted a shelter cat, share it with the world.Use #AdoptACatMonth on social media and reshare other posts.
  • Use this text to post on your social media accounts “June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month. Save a life: Adopt a cat!”
  • Writing an article about pet adoption for your local paper is a great way to spread awareness and encourage people to adopt.You can support your local shelter by taking and sharing photos of adoptable pets with family and friendsTeach kids the importance of pet adoption so they’ll be more apt to adopt in the future.

Do you have any other ideas for National Adopt a Cat Month? 

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about the importance of adopting cats. Adopting a cat is so important because it can provide companionship, love and security to an individual or family that may not be able to care for themselves otherwise.

If you are considering adding a furry friend to your home, please consider adoption as opposed to buying from a breeder or pet store. Cats in shelters typically come spayed/neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccinations which reduces their risk of health issues down the line while providing them with a loving forever home.

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