National Dog Party Day: How to Throw a Great Dog Party for a Barking Good Time

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National Dog Party Day

“Party time, woof woof!” National Dog Party Day is here again! It’s a day to celebrate our four-legged friends with fun and games. This year, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog party ideas to help you plan your own shindig. 

On June 18th this year, we’re celebrating National Dog Party Day. A fun holiday for dogs to celebrate with friends.

If you want to learn how to throw a dog party, National Dog Party Day is the perfect time to give it a go. You don’t need to spend a ton of money have a great dog party with your pup. You can be as simple or elaborate as you like.

History of the day

“National Dog Party Day” was created in 2011 by pet safety coach, Arden Moore.

It promotes a playful atmosphere for dogs that allows them to engage and interact with other dogs without limitations. It also serves as a way for dog owners to get out of the house with their pup to socialize while strengthening the bond between them!

Fortunately, National Dog Party Day creator, Arden Moore, wrote the book, Dog Parties: How to Party Like a Pup, which is packed with games for dogs and their owners. The goal was to sneak in some good doggy manners while providing an opportunity for people to live in the moment and celebrate with their pet.

7 Tips For Hosting Your Own National Dog Party Day Shindig

Hosting a dog party needs a little preparation to make it go smoothly and make sure that everyone attending knows the party rules. You can use your party to raise money for your local dog rescue center or charity of choice by charging a small fee for a ticket, or having a raffle.

1. Find a suitable pet-friendly venue. Whether you invite a lot of pups or only a few of your pup’s closest canine friends, they’ll need an area with lots of room to run around and have fun. If you have that space in your home or yard, that’s great, and it’s probably one of the safest (and simplest) options!

2. Invite people to bring their dogs, and make sure they know the rules for attending a dog party day get together

3. Plan the menu. Prepare food that is healthy for humans and dogs alike. You could serve dog-themed food like hot dogs and peanut butter & banana sandwiches.

4. Create an activity list with games and activities to keep everyone entertained. You can play games like “find the squeaky toy” or “find the treat under the couch”

5. Provide plenty of water bowls and fresh water for all the pups ( and humans).

6. Set out mats, blankets, and toys for everyone’s use during playtime. Make sure there are enough doggy toys around so all pups can play together and reduce the squabbling.

7. Put on some upbeat music that will make everyone feel good. Here’s a great playlist for pups.

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The Dog Party Rules

  1. Invite well-mannered, socialized dogs to the party. Dogs with resource guarding issues should stay at home. Owners of these types of pets are strongly urged not to attend. Instead, give them a link to this page so they can throw a great dog party in the comfort of their own home.
  2. When designing a doggy party, it’s important to have well behaved guests. Parties should be limited to 6-8 dogs and one person per animal. Doggy guests must be walked before the event to prevent accidents and blow off steam. Owners must chaperone their dogs at all times, keeping them on the leash unless the host allows off-leash play.
  3. Leashes should be no more than 4-6′ in length, and retractable leashes or extendable leash should not be used because pets can get tangled or trip other guests up.
  4. All dogs must be neutered or spayed and up-to-date with their vaccinations before attending the party.
  5. For the owners – low alcohol drinks are preferable to keep everyone alert as even with well socialized dogs there can be altercations.
  6. Have vet and animal hospital phone numbers ready, and make sure your doggy first-aid kit is up to date. Stay alert and don’t be distracted by conversation.

As the party organizer, you have the right to eject people who are not complying with the rules for the safety of the other partygoers.

Dog Party Games You Can Play

Snoopy Says is a variation of the popular child’s game, Simon Says . Instruct guests to line up with their leashed dogs. People-dog teams must comply only with commands given as, “Snoopy says” to do some action. If a command is announced without “Snoopy says,” those who perform the act are eliminated from the competition. The winning team is the one that heeds all “Snoopy says” commands.

Canine Musical Chairs is a party favorite using hula hoops instead of chairs! Line up one less hula hoop than there are participants, on the ground three feet apart.

Direct participants to walk their dogs, single file, around the hoops as you play dog-themed music. When the music abruptly stops, each guest must “sit” their dog inside a hoop and each person must have at least one foot inside the ring as well. Each round, remove a hoop along with the team left standing until only one dog and owner remain.

Dunking for Hot Dogs is just like bobbing for apples. Fill up a large bucket and take turns, or let each dog have his own bowl of water with a hot dog or pieces dropped in, and let him go at it!

Contests. You can also have fun contests, like seeing who can fetch the fastest, do the best trick, or stay the longest.

Consider having a prize for the winner of your dog party games.

Have a great time

A dog party is a time for fun while also being an important event for dogs in need. It might also be a good time to encourage others to volunteer. Have fun and make a difference on National Dog Party Day!

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