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National Pet Parents Day

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National Pet Parent Day

National Pet Parents Day is a day set aside to celebrate the love and companionship pets bring into our lives, as well as their contributions to society.

Founded byVeterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) in 2007, National Pet Parents Day was created from inspiration in seeing the majority of their policyholders consider their pets as part of their family.

Celebrated on: Last Sunday of April every year

2021Sunday25th April
2022Sunday24th April
2023Sunday30th April
National Pet Day Dates 2021, 2022, 2023

This article will talk about some interesting facts and statistics about National Pet Parents Day as well as how you can get involved with this wonderful holiday!

History of Pet Ownership

The first domesticated animal was a wolf around 10,000 B.C.. Some people have been keeping animals around for centuries to make them pets.

Some of the first pet-keeping humans were watching wolf cubs in order to tame them and find companionship. Selective breeding led to changing animal skills, fur colours, body proportions, personalities, and looks.

Though some cultures favoured dogs, others valued cats and even revered them.

Dating back to 6000 BCE, there was a rise in pet ownership following the transition from hunting and gathering as a means of subsistence to agriculture.. It was at this point that there is evidence of working dogs living on farms with other domesticated livestock, while cats hunted rodents.

Though pet ownership was not as commonplace back in the day, our shift from hunter-gatherer nomadic tribes to sedentary cultures represented a milestone for animal companionship.

The earliest indication that people have found cats and dogs to be good friends goes back as far as the 13th century. Noblemen found companionship with hunting dogs, falconry, and ladies enjoyed having small lapdogs. In this era of opulence, pets were not just helpful or valuable; they became status symbols.

The Victorian era, which mirrored the 13th century in regard to pet-keeping.. Pets have long been associated with status and luxury. Some people consider the 1800s to be the first time that household pets were not confined solely to the wealthy. People who were pet owners during this time thought pets represented how humans are better than nature.

Today, most people have a pet. In the modern era, pets are not just companions but also often serve various other purposes.For example: emotional support (e.g., for kids with autism); disability support; and therapy animals to help people who have mental or physical disabilities such as PTSD or blindness.

Famous Pets

The following animals are well known, and each has a number of movies or television appearances to its name:

Beethoven — two movies, one TV show

Bongo from the Tarzan TV series

Astro, as part of The Jetsons family

Mr. Ed (famous racehorse)

Pepper, the horse from National Velvet

Pet ownership has changed a lot!

How to get involved National Pet Parents Day

There are many ways to celebrate National Pet Parents Day:

  • Get some extra cuddle time with your pets
  • Share a photo with your pet.
  • Buy them a special toy
  • Bake them a pupcake
  • Pamper them with some grooming

Social Media: Use #NationalPetParentsDay to post on social media.