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November 1 : International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day – Say thank you for a job well done

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Pet groomer appreciation day

International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day is a day where the wonderful people who groom our furry companions can be celebrated and appreciated! It’s a day when we say thanks to the people who make the lives of our pets that much better. Pet groomers not only have our animals looking their best, but they also spot any underlying skin conditions that could lead to a visit to the vet.

Groomers will see things like fleas and ticks and will check our animal’s ears as well for anything out of the ordinary. They can also address any minor skin issues and recommend products and cleaning regimes to keep our pets clean and well.

It’s important to celebrate this day and to let your pet groomer know how much they are appreciated. After all, our pets are like our children and they see and take care of them on a regular basis. You usually show your hairdresser how much you appreciate them, so it is no different for our pet’s caregivers!

How did International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day start?

International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day was started by a woman named Krista Olson in October 2019. It was created to showcase the skills of all our beloved pet groomers and to promote this industry around the world! 

She founded the International Pet Groomer Appreciate Day, or IPGAD group as a way for the industry leaders and business owners to have a community of their own. On the website, you will find that they also help each other in other ways.

They are a strong community that helps other business owners in need when an emergency or catastrophic event has happened to a fellow pet groomer. You can donate on their website to this cause as well.  

How can you show your support for International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day?

You can celebrate by showing your pet groomer a little more love. We all use these services throughout our pet’s lives, and they deserve to be shown appreciation.

You can do this by:

  • Buying them a coffee – make sure you know what they take in it!
  • Getting them a thoughtful gift or bottle of wine
  • Giving them a gift card 
  • Leaving a positive review is another way to show your groomer your appreciation. Or even just a shoutout on social media.
  • Writing a personal letter – you could even include a gift card in the card!
  • Giving them flowers – make sure any flowers or plants are safe for all animals!

There are plenty of different ways you can show appreciation to the people who make our dogs look and feel the best! Whichever way you choose to show your love and support will be great! They will thank you and remember that you showed them appreciation and gave them a gift or a kind gesture. Being kind to one another no matter if a service is provided is important.

Why are pet groomers so important?

Grooming your pet has numerous health advantages that aren’t always obvious. Brushing your dog’s coat ventilates it, promoting its growth and health. It also removes old, damaged hair and reduces grease; ensuring that your dog’s skin can breathe. Grease blocks pores and causes irritation and numerous skin problems. Plus most dogs really enjoy the feeling of the brush running through their coat, it feels like a massage and encourages better circulation of blood through the skin which improves general health.

However, another part of grooming includes; cleaning or emptying the anal glands, cleaning a dog that has been skunked, removing fleas, ticks and other parasites. These aren’t the most pleasant jobs, but they come with the joy of dog ownership. A professional groomer knows how to take care of these necessary, but unpleasant tasks in the quickest most comfortable way possible for your pooch (they have plenty of practice).

How to use International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day to promote your pet business

If your business is related to dog grooming

  • discount on dog grooming products (brushes, shampoos, nail clippers)
  • discount on grooming sessions if you own a grooming business
  • post some fantastic tips about how to groom your dog at home
  • make an Instagram reel or Facebook video of the grooming process or post before and after pictures on your social media of a particularly dirty pet!

if your business is unrelated to dog grooming

  • Post a shoutout to your favorite groomer or buy them a lovely gift (don’t forget to tag them on social media.)
  • post fantastic tips for grooming your dog at home on social media
  • provide a donate button on your website or collection tin in your shop. Lots of rescue dogs need a significant amount of TLC when they arrive at the shelter especially those with long coats. It can be very expensive and time consuming to provide the level of grooming maintenance some of these dogs need so why not offer to donate towards grooming rescue dogs. Post cute before and after photos on your website!


Pet groomers are important because they help keep your pet healthy and happy. The people who work in this industry have to deal with some pretty unpleasant situations, so it’s no surprise that these professionals deserve some appreciation for all their hard work. Whether you own a grooming shop or not, there are plenty of ways to show your support on International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day. You can buy them flowers, make them coffee, write them letters with gifts inside the cards…the possibilities are endless! It doesn’t matter if you’re in the business yourself or not– just remember to take care of one another when we have the opportunity to do so.

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