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October 13: Pet Obesity Awareness Day – How to help your pet stay healthy

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Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Pet obesity has become an epidemic in recent years. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, nearly half of dogs and cats in the United States are overweight or obese. The same goes for other animals such as horses, birds, and reptiles.

In 2018, an estimated 60% of cats and 56% of dogs in the United States were overweight or obese.

Obesity in pets can lead to serious health problems including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, kidney failure, and cancer. It also increases the risk of early death. So celebrate National Pet Obesity Awareness Day by making a commitment to the health of both you and your pet! Check out this website for more help and ideas.

In honour of this day, we want to highlight the importance of pet obesity awareness and prevention.

The good news is that there are many ways you can help your furry friends stay healthy by making sure they get enough exercise and proper nutrition. Here’s how:

1) Exercise Regularly

If you have a dog or cat at home, it’s important to make time each week to walk them outside. This will keep their muscles strong and prevent joint pain from developing later on. You should be able to comfortably carry your pet around without any strain on his joints.

2) Feed Proper Nutrition

Make sure your pet gets plenty of high-quality food with no added sugars or preservatives. Also, avoid feeding him table scraps because these foods contain too much fat and calories which could cause weight gain. Instead, feed your pet only fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, chicken, and lean cuts of beef. Avoid giving your pet processed meats like hotdogs and sausages since they may contain additives that aren’t safe for your pet.

3) Keep Them Active

Don’t let your pet sit all day long! Get up every few hours so he doesn’t develop bad habits. When possible, take your pet out for walks or playtime outdoors. He’ll burn more energy when active than sitting still.

4) Monitor Their Weight

Be aware if your pet seems to put on extra pounds over time. Talk to your vet about what might be causing this problem. They may recommend getting your pet weighed regularly to monitor his progress.

5) Provide Safe Toys & Play Areas

Give your pet toys that encourage physical activity. For example, balls, ropes, and tug games provide mental stimulation while keeping his body moving. A large open area where your pet can run free provides opportunities for socialisation and bonding.

6) Encourage Healthy Behaviours

Reward positive behaviours like eating well and exercising. Pet owners who do things right tend to enjoy better relationships with their pets. So don’t forget to give praise whenever your pet does something great!

7) Have Fun Together

Spending quality time together helps strengthen bonds between people and their pets. Try taking some photos of your pet doing fun activities like playing fetch or chasing butterflies. These memories will last forever.

How to use National Pet Obesity Day to Market Your Pet Business

National Pet Obesity Day is a great opportunity for pet businesses to market themselves. This day is designed to raise awareness about the dangers of obesity in pets, and encourage pet owners to adopt healthy habits. The best way to use National Pet Obesity day is to create a video that shows how your business helps pets live longer and healthier lives.

Here are 5 ways you can use National Pet Obesity Day to promote your business:

1 – Create an online presence using videos

Create a short, informative YouTube video explaining why pet obesity matters and how your business can help. Include links to your website and other resources. Posting one such video per month will increase traffic to your site.

2 – Use Twitter

Post tweets encouraging others to join National Pet Obesity Day and share information about your company’s services. You should also tweet at least once during each hour of the event. Tweeting throughout the entire 24-hour period will get your message across even faster.

3 – Share content via Facebook

Post status updates on your page sharing facts about pet obesity and encouraging friends to visit your page. If you’re not already connected to Facebook, sign up now. It takes less than 30 seconds to set it up. Once there, click “create post” under the cover photo section. Then type out your update. Make sure to add hashtags. Click publish when done.

4 – Send emails

Send email messages to all customers thanking them for choosing your business and reminding them of the importance of adopting good nutrition practices. Also send emails to current clients letting them know they matter too.

5 – Offer discounts

Offer special deals to those who take part in National Pet Obesity Day. Consider offering 10% off any service if someone mentions or tags you on Instagram or shares a picture of their dog on Facebook. Or offer 20% off if someone posts pictures of their cat on Instagram.

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