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OCTOBER Pet Awareness Days

There are some great days in October and as a pet business owner you can use these to engage with your audience and help support the days.

Pet Obesity Awareness Day
October 13: Pet Obesity Awareness Day – How to help your pet stay healthy

Pet obesity has become an epidemic in recent years. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, nearly half of dogs and cats in the United States are overweight or obese. The same goes f…

Reptile Awareness Day
October 21: Reptile Awareness Day – All About Snakes, Lizards, Turtles & Other Reptiles

Reptiles are often misunderstood creatures. They are often seen as being cold and unfeeling. However, reptiles are actually quite sensitive and intelligent animals. They’re fascinating animals. …

pets for veterans day
October 21: National Pets for Veterans Day – How pets can help heal our heros

It’s National Pets for Veterans Day on October 21st. The day was established in 2009, by Clarissa Black, with the goal of raising awareness about the benefits that pets can provide to veterans i…

pitbull awareness day
October 27: National Pitbull Awareness Day – The most misjudged and banned dog in the World

In 2007, National Pitbull Awareness Day was created to help raise awareness on the truth about Pitbulls. It would be fair to say that Pitbulls are very misunderstood. They are not necessarily agg…

black cat day
October 27: National Black Cat Day – Celebrating the beauty and plight

Cats Protection organised the first Black Cat Day in 2011 to celebrate the beauty of black cats and raise awareness of their plights. A study in Colorado showed that black cats spend one week more on …