World Pet Memorial Day: Remembering Our Beloved Pets

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World Pet Memorial Day 2021

World Pet Memorial Day is observed every year on the second Tuesday in June every year. In 2021, this is June 8th.

It’s a time where you can celebrate your pets that are waiting for you and other family members over rainbow bridge. It is so hard to say goodbye, but I know they will be waiting for me when it is time to cross. This day reminds us of how important our pets are in our lives and why we should cherish them every day.

Even though pets are only in our lives for a short time, they stay in our fond memories forever. Although it’s a small consolation, this is a nice way to honour the memories of your pet on World Pet Memorial Day. 

World Pet Memorial Day

History of World Pet Memorial Day

Throughout the history, pets have always played a pivotal role in our lives.  Pet memorials have been found in China and North America that date back to 7,000 BCE. Dogs have often been buried alongside their owners, with Native Americans preserving their animals in order for their dog’s soul to live on over the rainbow bridge.

One of the most famous examples of a pet’s burial might be Alexander the Great’s dog, Peritas. When she died in 350 BCE, he held a formal funeral procession and erected a memorial for her right afterwards.

Throughout our modern times, there are other well-loved pets in the public eye that have been famously memorialized. There’s Balto, the Siberian Husky who journeyed 1,500 miles across Alaska to deliver emergency medicine. One of the world’s most celebrated mousers wa the Scottish cat, Towser, who caught 28,899 mice.

Remembering our Beloved Pets

Whatever you decide to do on World Pet Memorial Day, take your time. Remembering the happy times you and your beloved pet had together can be a very emotional experience. Take some time to remember all of the special memories and moments you shared with them on this day. Grief is envitable, and it’s okay to cry.

One way to commemorate your pet on World Pet Memorial Day is by sitting on a bench or taking a walk through the same park you use to go with them. Remember the great times you had with your pet and find peace knowing how much they meant to you.

9 Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

All of us have cherished pets that we considered a part of the family. In honor and remembrance for this day, tell the world about your own pet or pay tribute to one you’ve lost. 

  • Write a letter: Share stories about how your pet helped you out in difficult times.
  • Create a memorial garden: If you’d rather express your creativity outdoors, a memorial garden is a wonderful way to ensure you always remember your pet. Planting a tree, flowering bushes, or other perennial favorites is common way to honor your pet after it dies.
  • Frame a special photo of your pet:  If you have a silly or favourite photo of your pet that has special meaning to you, frame it for World Pet Memorial Day.
  • Commission a pet portrait:  If you’re someone who wants something a little more personal, commissioning an artist to do a pet portrait for the day is also nice way to remember your beloved pets.
  • Hold a memorial service for your pet: Bring the whole family together to Share stories, memories, and photos of times spent with them. A memorial or funeral can help you say goodbye to your departed pet by providing closure.
  • Create a photo journal: It doesn’t matter which format you use—paper, or online, or a mix of both. Going through photos and jotting down your thoughts will help you capture the memories that mean so much to you.
  • Buy a piece of memory jewellery: Consider buying a pet memorial necklace or ring.
  • Keepsake Box: You can write down your feelings on pieces of paper and keep them in a special box along with pictures and personal items you have of your pet, like old leashes, collars, toys, etc., that are meaningful to the relationship you had with your pet.
  • Make A donation or volunteer at an animal shelter: You can donate goods, funds, or your time to honor the pet you’ve loved and lost. Shelters are always looking for volunteers as well as blankets, food, collars and toys for pets in their care.

Did you know?

In some communities, people who are cremated can be buried in a pet cemetery with their pets so you can be together forever.

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